Fat burners: how to use them effectively?

Fat burners can be an effective weight loss aid when used correctly. The first step is to learn how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Have you heard of fat burners? Pills that can melt your fat like snow in the sun? Not exactly. Fat burners are primarily dietary supplements. They are designed to give you an extra boost in fat loss. But they can in no way replace a serious diet and regular physical activity.

For example, imagine that the fat burners are the sniper’s sights, whose targets are fat cells. The diet is the sniper, heavy artillery! Sport is firepower.

Fat burners can help eliminate a little better during digestion and melt fat more efficiently. But they are only effective if they are used wisely. If they are used loosely, their potential will never be fully revealed.

Often, users do not take into account the five basic rules that must be observed and adhered to in order to optimize the intake of these fat burners and thus lose weight effectively.

By following these five basic concepts, fat burners will help you reveal that body you’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

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1. A balanced diet accounts for 80% of work

One of the biggest mistakes is to think that taking capsules is all it takes to lose weight. Indeed, it will only be a waste of time and money… and not of weight! Some people think that these little pills are a miracle solution. While sticking to a low-calorie diet is 80% of the battle. If you can stick to it, if you don’t break through the restrictions, you’re on the right track. Then all you have to do is a bit of sport, be patient and you will finally be able to access the use of fat burners.

They can indeed accelerate weight loss, but only if a consistent diet is put in place.

Their effects are multiple: they can restore energy, reduce appetite, and promote the burning of calories by boosting energy. They can even increase your metabolism or body temperature to burn more calories throughout the day.

However, beware! This is ineffective with a diet that is too rich and fatty. For effective weight loss, determine which type of diet is best suited to your metabolism and personality.

For example, to tone up your figure, you need to consume a little less calories than your usual daily intake, a higher protein intake without stopping your other good eating habits such as eating fresh vegetables and cooking fats that are healthier for your body. If you are satisfied with your program and psychologically ready to honour your diet, you will have more confidence in your efforts and will be able to control your nutrition more easily. That’s when you can start a fat-burning cure.

2. Set an achievable goal
Not aiming too high is the key. Many believe that by using this type of capsule, they can add two or three kilos to be lost per week in their slimming goal. Don’t be too ambitious or you risk failing quickly. Once you start losing weight, you won’t lose ten kilos a week thanks to these fat burners!

As a reminder, a lasting and sustainable weight loss for the body is about two to three kilos per week. It all depends on the chosen diet and your metabolism. It is possible to pull the rope up to four kilos, but this may not last over time. Losing weight too quickly will sometimes even trample on your body’s tolerance threshold, and you may regain it a few months later, or the weight loss will slow down significantly.

With or without fat burners, if you melt too quickly, you will lose muscle mass at the same time. So unless you want to look like a skinny, disjointed little puppet, or a failed bodybuilder, you should review your weight loss goal.

Why not keep a journal where you write down your expectations for each week, and for each month.

Example: month 1: minus three kilos etc. Having this kind of goal is very motivating and it would help to have better results. And with fat burners, your diet will stay on track.

3. More is not better!
Fat burners are specially designed to help you eliminate better and give you the energy intake to better digest and consume calories. But that doesn’t mean that the more substances you take, the better the results you’ll get.

The manufacturers indicate a dosage to be respected on the packaging according to your metabolism. It is always advisable to take the smallest dose indicated on the packaging at the beginning of the treatment and to keep this dosage for at least two weeks. You can then allow yourself to increase the dosage over the course of the weeks if this is indicated and necessary. If the packaging indicates a non gradual intake, follow this dosage.

4. Caffeine: beware of exhaustion!
If you can’t start your day without a good cup of coffee and then drink three or four cups of coffee throughout the day, be very careful when choosing your type of fat burner. Most (except for some specific types) contain caffeine or other caffeine-like stimulants (such as guarana or theine). If you choose a certain type that contains caffeine, reduce your coffee consumption during the day.

Admittedly, over-consumption of caffeine has an attractive, even miraculous side: apart from the fact that you have the energy to move mountains, you also burn your fat cells much faster!

But beware of the return of the stick; you’ll be tired, exhausted, you’ll find it hard to recover after a sports session and finally your weight loss will be slowed down after a few days because it was done too quickly. In other words, a lot of caffeine and fat burners don’t mix, beware of the explosive cocktail! You’ll only exhaust yourself and negate all the benefits of these pills. In the end, to a lesser extent, it’s the same problem as with tobacco.

For example, alternate caffeine and decaffeinated so that you can consume the fat burners intelligently. Also, take a look at all the brands offering fat burners and look carefully at their composition to choose the best capsules for you according to your caffeine consumption.

5. Observe your results carefully
Once your weight loss has begun, you can start the fat burning process. This way, you will be able to observe carefully whether they help you lose weight faster.

If no change is noticed, it is because you need to change the type of capsules and find a composition that is most beneficial to you. This is because some people respond better to certain ingredients: what works in one may not work as well in another.

It depends on your metabolism. Keep a record of your progress: you’ll never know how fast you’re going, what results you’re getting if you don’t take pictures, measure your muscle mass gain or even chart your weight loss by following your goals.

To conclude, keep a watchful eye on your weight loss and progress by keeping a logbook, eat a regulated, varied and healthy diet, do regular physical activity and choose the fat burner that’s best for you, and you’ll have an ideal combination. Fat burners, when all these conditions are met, can deliver on their promises.

Do your own research to find the best possible fat burner (not all brands are, as with any other type of product) and then follow these five basic rules and you’ll come out on top in the battle against extra pounds. And victory is yours to enjoy!