Fat burners: scam or reality?

What are fat burners?

Already we hear, for what is commonly talked about, saying fat burner is an abuse of language. The molecules we are talking about do not specifically burn fat, but increase the metabolism. Translation: we don’t specifically target fat, it’s just as if we had a (little) little bit more physical activity. It’s these molecules, well, one in particular, that I’m going to talk about in this article, because they’re legal and fairly easy to access.

But yes, there are molecules that directly promote fat loss. Except that I won’t talk about them because they’re either illegal molecules or they would be a diversion from medical use. And if it’s forbidden, it’s not a plot by space raptors, it’s because it’s really dangerous!

Caffeine is a molecule that speeds up metabolism and burns calories.
And that’s THE legal, cheap and easy to obtain « fat burner »… caffeine!

Let’s get back to our sheep and our molecules that burn fat by increasing metabolism (if there is a caloric deficit there is). Whether we are talking about guarana, green tea or coffee, there is one thing in common with all these fat burners: caffeine. It’s also what’s in the famous pills. These expensive and marketing products are nothing more and nothing less than coffee sold at a golden price. Because the good thing about coffee is that it’s easy to find and cheap. Also green tea, besides caffeine, contains catechins which are also a fat burner.

Do fat burners work?

Well… yes it works! So be careful, calm down right away, it’s not miraculous either. I came across this study that shows an impact of caffeine or a caffeine-caffeine blend. Caffeine will make the body work faster and burn a few calories. At a rate of 0.5kJ/mg ingested, that is still 60 calories for 5 cups of coffee during the day.

Clearly it is not a lot but it is a nice little boost. By aiming at a deficit of 200kcal which is a good target to lose weight effectively (without feeling a big deprivation, without the body reacting too violently and without resuming), it is still 30% of this deficit. And beyond the metabolic effect, it can have a small but appreciable motivating effect, because a good part of the work to lose weight is in the head.

Scraping is a caloric dish and the use of fat burners does not compensate for all these calories.
No it is not a little pill or a coffee pot that will compensate ALL this raclette dish.

So of course you don’t have to bet everything on it and think that it will do all the work. It’s also not a reason to eat more, and it’s often the pitfall into which we can fall. What counts for losing weight is the caloric deficit. If you could lose fat in a massive way with a simple pill, you’d know.

What kind of fat burner should I take?

As I’ve been suggesting all along, coffee and green tea are ideal fat burners. So be careful not to overuse them, as it can cause sleep disturbances and addiction. The European safety authority evaluates that a dose of 400 mg/day of caffeine does not pose a health problem. The advantage is that even if you don’t like coffee, there is still tea, which can have multiple tastes. There’s bound to be one that you like.

Knowing that a cup of coffee contains about 80mg of caffeine, and half as much for tea, that’s still 5 cups of coffee in a day. Personally, I drink 3 cups of coffee and 4 cups of tea in a day. So I’m right on the money. Plus it allows you to hydrate well, but on the other hand we go to the little corner more often. But because of the water in these drinks because no, coffee does not make you urinate more than water, the same for tea.

Coffee is an inexpensive and easily accessible fat burner.
You don’t need pills, it does the job just as well, but for a lot less money…

Also, as I suggested, there’s no need to go for fat-burning supplements/pills, it’s just coffee and tea sold at a premium. What it will lighten is your wallet.

Honestly, it’s better to drink coffee and green tea, there’s less risk of junk food. And above all, you should avoid internet ads for fat burners. At least worse the capsules can be overdosed with caffeine, at worst it won’t be caffeine… including illegal and really dangerous products.

Well, I hope I’ve taught you a little bit more about fat burners, but I hope I’ve saved you from being fooled by the outrageous marketing around it.

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